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The unique offerings of the Orion fixtures is one of the reasons we have chosen to team up with this cutting edge company. In addition to Orion’s high-intensity fluorescent Compact Modular™ fixture, we offer the InteLite™ control platform and Apollo™ Light Pipe. The plug-and-play feature of all of Orion’s products will enable you to easily incorporate controls for additional energy savings in the future without having to pay for costly rewiring.  

The patented modular plug and play system means no hardwiring is necessary. With this power supply concept, you not only get a fixture that performs today, but one that will take you into the future. Upgrades such as motion sensors or other advanced controls can be added quickly and economically anytime you choose.


InteLite® Control System

Orion’s wireless control system provides cost effective flexible control options for a lighting system. The InteLite micro-controller is programmed for specific commands and sends a signal to a transmitter which sends a wireless signal to a receiver which controls the Orion Fixture. 

 InteLite I      InteLite II


Apollo® Light Pipe

The Apollo Light Pipe utilizes the lowest cost light available - the sun. The unique shape of the Apollo dome optimizes energy use - especially in low light conditions. This design feature eliminates waste and further reduces energy use.

The sun is an astonishing 93,000,000 miles from the earth, but it’s the last 3 feet that count. The most reflective material available is used to harvest the maximum light to the floor were it is needed the most. Variable tube lengths match up to your particular roof-to-ceiling needs. This durable tube is finished with a sealed, glazing quality acrylic diffuser to deliver pleasant, usable light. . By directly using sunlight to light your facility, you get a natural light while using as little energy as possible - regardless of where you’re located or when your operations require it.

 Light Pipe



We are also a dealer. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of our fixtures or accessories for self-installation.



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